Our Service - How it Works


How do I contact/book with MGP Heathrow ?

The quickest way to book is through our online booking proces. We accept telephone bookings, please call 01342 843 842.

Booking is simple and there are several ways to do it.

  • Book online using our booking server and secure credit card payment facilities.
  • Call us on 01342 843 842 and one of our representatives will take your booking. Our telephone booking lines are open from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. If your call is not answered, please leave a message and we shall call you back during office hours.

Do you have availability and will the price change?

If you get a quote and a price is given, then this confirms that we have availability and you may proceed with the booking by clicking the green "BOOK NOW" button. Prices are subject to change depending upon seasonality and demand.

Why can't I select a date because it is greyed out?

If a date is greyed out then it means that we are not operating on that day, or we have reached our operational capacity so are not accepting any more bookings for that particular date.

Can I make a last minute booking?

An internet or telephone booking can be made up to 1 hour before the meeting time that a customer requests. If a customer books within 12 hours of their meeting time on the outbound leg, they MUST call the valet parking contact number on their email confirmation to notify the team.

How do I make an online booking?
  1. Simply enter the Outbound Drop Off Time and Date, and the Inbound Landing Time and Date. You then click the blue "Quote me" button. This retrieves the quote.
  2. The quote is then displayed, if you wish to proceed then click the blue "Book now" button.
  3. Enter your details (Name & Address, Contact Details, Vehicle Details and Journey Details) and then click the "Next Step" button
  4. A summary of your details is shown, and then you click the "PROCEED TO PAYMENT" button.
  5. Follow the on screen instructions to enter your payment details.
  6. You will receive a confirmation from MGP Heathrow which summaries all your booking details and gives full instructions on how to use the service. An email from Barclays ePDQ will also be sent your inbox.
What will I receive after I have made my booking?

You will receive email confirmation of your booking which has a full summary of your travel, vehicle, and contact details together with simple instructions on how to use the service. Please print this off for your reference, alternatively note down all the relevant parts.

I have not received my confirmation email, what should I do?
  1. Check your junk email.
  2. Ensure that you check the appropriate email account that you entered when you made the booking.
  3. Sometimes mail servers have problems thus delaying the delivery of emails. If after a reasonable amount of time you have not received a confirmation, then please call or email us.
What is the 01342 telephone number for?

This telephone number is strictly for enquiries and bookings only. It is not for customers to contact us for performance of the service. Customers must call the OPERATIONS Contact Number as contained within their confirmation email. This telephone line operates during our operating hours.

What telephone number do I call for the performance of the service on the day?

Customers MUST call the OPERATIONS Contact Telephone Number which is contained within the confirmation email. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that they have this in their possession. We do not publish this telephone number on the website.

If a customer calls the 01342 843 842 enquiry line they will not be guaranteed a response due operational times of that particular number.

What do I do on the day of my booking?

Ensure that you call the operations number 20-30 minutes before you arrive at the airport and follow the instructions as set out in confirmation email (which you will receive as soon as you make an online booking) to ensure that you receive a smooth service.

Do you serve all the terminals?

Yes we service all the terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 3, Terminal 4 and Terminal 5.

Does your service accommodate departure and arrival from different terminals?

Yes we service all terminals and accommodate customers who leave from one terminal and return to another, at no additional charge. Please select the relevant terminals when you make your booking.

How late can I make a booking before my departure?

We can accept internet and telephone bookings up to 1 hour before a requested meeting time. If you have made this booking within 12 hours of the Drop Off Time, you MUST call the valet parking contact number as detailed on your booking confirmation which you receive via email after completing the booking.

What is the earliest time that you accept bookings for? Are you open 24 hours?

We operate during the normal opening hours of Heathrow Airport but cannot accept departures before 04.00am There is also a £20.00 surcharge for meeting times between 04.00am and 05.00am each for outbound occurrences that fall within that timespan.

How do I let MGP Heathrow know if my flight is delayed?

Do not worry; we are very aware that flight times can vary dramatically. Our staff will monitor our customer's flights and inform drivers of any delays. We will be on hand to take your call, so do not hesitate to phone us on the valet parking contact number as detailed on your booking confirmation.

When do I call MGP Heathrow to get them to deliver my car?

Call the valet parking contact number as detailed on your booking confirmation as soon as you have landed before you have collected your luggage. We will bring your car to the pre-arranged point at the terminal building. Please see your booking confirmation for detailed instructions.

How secure is the car park?

The car park is fully secure, and in a larger secure compound within the vicinity of Heathrow airport. It is monitored by 24 hour CCTV cameras.

Are you insured?

Vehicles are insured whilst being driven, car jockey policy is in place to the value of £75,000 for any one vehicle. Insurance reverts to your policy whilst parked or stationary (as with all other airport parking facilities). Our parking facilities near Heathrow and have 24hr security. Please do not leave any items of value in your car whilst it is left with us as we cannot accept any liability for vehicle contents.

When do MGP Heathrow take my payment?

MGP Heathrow will deduct the full amount of the payment from your card at the time of the booking. If your payment fails authorisation then we shall contact you to ensure that the payment is processed.

Do you provide a VAT receipt?

Your booking confirmation acts as your VAT receipt as it has all the necessary parts required by HMCE.

My travel plans have changed can I amend/cancel my booking?

Amendments to bookings will be fully accommodated to our best ability. Call or Email us to confirm your new travelling times. Please note our cancellation policy and charges may apply when bookings changes cannot be accommodated. Please consult our terms and conditions for these charges.

What is the cancellation policy?

Refunds are available up to 24 hours prior to arrival and will incur a £10.00 cancellation fee. No refund will be applicable in the case of No Show's, or early returns.

What are your surcharges?

There is a surcharge of £8.50 for each additional day for bookings if the booking has already commenced. Prior to the commencement of the booking, any additional days would be added on to the total as if the booking were made as one single booking. There is also a surcharge for departures between 04.00am and 05.00am of £10.00

Do you offer a valet cleaning service?

We do not currently offer this service.