No better reason to choose MGP Heathrow for valet parking at Heathrow Airport

When booking Heathrow valet parking remember to consider this...

  • MGP Heathrow is NOT a Heathrow parking wholesaler
  • We have landline contacts and offices - we have nothing to hide
  • Our valet parking uses only reputable, fully insured staff

If you are considering our valet parking with another parking supplier who may be a little cheaper please take a moment to consider if the cost is actually like-for-like - do they have their own offices based locally to the airport? Do they have a landline number to contact in the case of an emergency? Do they provide a fully insured service, or do they expect your insurance to cover your car being driven by them to the car park and back again. Are they an authorised parking supplier? Are their parking facilities safe and secure? Not offices in their homes, cars driven by friends and family and only available on mobiles so no certifiable contact details - you may think we are exaggerating but sadly we are not!

Leaders in Airport Parking

At MGP Heathrow we aim at 100% customer satisfaction each and every time a customer books our parking! Every customer travels with total peace of mind knowing their vehicle is safe, insured and secure - a great product at an unbeatable price!

Bona fide Offices and Landline Telephones

Unlike many operators supplying car parking at Heathrow Airport we have offices. Not only are these offices local to the airport, so our management team are readily available if necessary, but it also means we are contactable. Equally we have landline numbers, again unlike many cheap parking suppliers.

Most small, cheap Heathrow parking companies...

  • Do not have offices - they are run off mobile phones
  • Do not have insurance - they can't afford the insurance on the cheap prices they charge
  • Do not have car parking facilities - they park in supermarkets, in public car parks, retail parks, plant hire yards and fields
  • Do not have experienced, trained staff - many use family and friends
  • Do not have a landline number - mostly because they are running the parking out of their homes
  • Do not run police checks on their staff - a driver could easily have penalty points for dangerous driving

We operate out of Heathrow Airport, supplying unrivalled valet parking. Bringing to Heathrow a wealth of expertise and high standard sof meet and greet valet parking.

Our Own Website Means No High Charges Due to Commission Payments

By booking on this site the unbeatable prices you are quoted are the prices you'll pay. No hidden extras at check-out, just honest and reliable parking costs. And the reason we can keep the prices to such great value for an outstanding product is that as we own this site we are not bound by huge commission levels to pay third party websites.

Do not risk paying peanuts and getting monkeys driving your car! You pay for the service you get. We might be a few pounds more but our service is gold plated!

Reputable, Bona Fide Offices, Car Park and Landline Contacts

We have real offices, locally to Heathrow Airport. These are bona fide premises. We have nothing to hide. What's more we have a landline telephone number. You can call this number, it's clearly advertised throughout our website, if you have any questions or queries.

It may seem normal to have a landline phone number and offices. You'd think so wouldn't you? But actually, no. Worryingly, many new, small start up parking companies, along with cheap operators do not have this. They just have a mobile number so they aren't traceable when something goes wrong - and we say "when" because it usually does. Some aren't insured to drive your car, they don't park them in a safe car park; some being known to park in supermarkets and fields!

We also supply you with your driver's dedicated mobile number, for use when you are on your way to the airport so you can confirm you are on your way and not held up in any road traffic delays.

This is what customers of dodgy valet parking companies operating out of Heathrow Airport have actually been subjected to...

  • Their cars parked in fields or supermarkets, plant hire yards and on the public highway
  • No insurance for vehicles that have been damaged in their care
  • Persons driving their cars who have been charged with driving penalties, with no professional experience and no police checks on their character and skills
  • No traceable means of contact, either by phone or office when things have gone wrong

Just remember, if something looks too good to be true it usually is. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's any good. Why trust the second largest purchase you're likely to make - your car - with a cowboy parking company?

Secure Parking Facilities

Your car will be parked in our secure car park and no-where else. What's more, it is only used by us and for our customers. We do not sublet, never have and never will, any of our spaces. You will only be able to park in our outstanding car park if you book your airport parking with us.

Our car park has

  • CCTV
  • High level alarm systems in place, with 'direct to Police' links
  • All vehicle keys are stored in a maximum security safe
  • The entire parking facility perimeter is protected by fencing
  • We conduct manned patrols to check on all vehicles
  • Our car park is well lit, proven to deter theft and crime

So just remember these things when deciding who to book your Heathrow valet meet and greet airport parking with. Do not trust your car in just anybody's hands. Trust it with MGP Heathrow and travel without any doubts!