Only Fully Insured, Mature Drivers at MGP Heathrow

All our Heathrow drivers are mature - at least 25 years old - professional and courteous.

Every driver is fully insured, giving you total peace of mind that your vehicle is fully protected whilst it is in our care.

To ensure you are met by the right driver you will see that all our drivers are

  • Carrying authorised Heathrow valet parking ID and branded paperwork with your details
  • Fully insured
  • Mature
  • Conduct themselves professionally at all times
  • Not rushing you or themselves
  • Not interested in driving your vehicle fast or recklessly

Information on Exceptionally High Standard of Valet Parking

Our meet and greet valet parking at Heathrow Airport is conducted to the very highest standards, standards that are met by very few other parking operators. To learn more about our quality parking read our Heathrow valet parking service promise.

Reliable and Reputable Car Parking Operators - we are, are others?

The parking market at Heathrow Airport is rife with new start ups this summer. Many companies are small firms, offering too good to be true prices, and as such do not have secure parking facilities. Be sure you know you are booking your Heathrow valet parking with only a reliable and reputable parking operator.

Ask yourself -

  • do they have a landline contact or only a mobile phone contact?
  • Do they have secured parking facilities?
  • Do they have fully insured drivers?
  • Will they allow for any delays you experience either in traffic on-route or flight delays?

All the answers to these questions with MGP Heathrow are yes! However, you'll find that for many car parking companies operating out of Heathrow Airport the answer will be a worrying no!

Our Mature, Experienced Drivers

The majority of our drivers are over 35 years old. When appointing our team of experienced drivers we have a minimum age of 25, with a proven track record of driving excellence. Every driver on our team has been tested, approved and trained to our high standard of driving and valet parking service levels. Once appointed they are added to our full insurance.

Worryingly, it has been known that some small cheap valet parking suppliers do not use experienced, even insured drivers. Some have been known to use family and friends to 'help them out'.

Presentable, Uniformed Drivers

Impression counts, and that's why we take as much pride in our Drivers as we do taking care of your vehicle. Every one of our drivers will be wearing a uniform of branded clothing, rain or shine, night or day.

Heathrow Parking ID

All our drivers carry ID and all are easily identifiable. This ID ensures you are meeting up with your dedicated driver and the fact they are in uniform reiterates this for added peace of mind.

Insured From the Moment You Drop Your Car Off

Rest assured, your vehicle is fully insured from the moment you drop it off with us, on its way from Heathrow Airport to our nearby parking facility, and back again when you return.

No Rushing

There is no rushing involved with our service because the correct number of drivers are at the airport to anticipate all demand. This means drivers are not rushing from your job to another, thus driving erratically. This ensures you are not rushed, your service is professional and thorough.

No Driving Your Car Fast

Again, as the service is so slick, the driver is not in any rush to drive your car fast to our safe facility. Nor would they want to, as mature and experienced drivers they have no desire to drive cars fast or disrespectfully.